The wonders of technology

I’ve been tearing my hair out – and I don’t have that much left to tear – trying to figure out how to link up to my old, established website – and in the end it turned out to be incredibly simple. So hopefully this is now the one-stop shop for everything to do with my books and other projects.

And speaking of technology, I hope to be able to tell you quite soon that my fiction backlist will all be available in digital editions. At the moment my first three novels I Must Confess, Fly on the Wall and Service Wash only exist in book form, which is a shame as they’re ideal Kindle-fodder. Steps are being taken to rectify this. Nothing’s going to happen overnight but maybe by the end of the year it’ll all be up there, alongside Man’s World and the new one, The Interlude, which is out in August.

Needless to say the James Lear novels all exist in e-book form, as do the Rupert Jameses.

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