27. The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien (1954/55)

I love this book as much as the next lonely, nerdy teenager. I read it repeatedly during my adolescence, and was obsessed to the point of writing Elvish poetry in magic marker on my school briefcase, etc. Needless to say I was attracted to the baddies like Saruman, Shelob and the Nazgul, and bored to tears by the Aragorn stuff – and above all I was (and remain) completely in love with Gollum. I used to draw him all the time, and practise speaking like him, and I don’t think I’ve ever got over his death. After my teenage obsession I put Tolkien aside until my early 40s, when I re-read the whole lot in one go in preparation for the movie release. I thought I’d be really disillusioned, but I wasn’t – and I even loved the Aragorn stuff. In fact the only bit of LotR I can’t stomach is the toe-curling Tom Bombadil section. I was really nervous about the films, but I think they’re the best screen adaptation of any novel, ever.



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2 responses to “27. The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien (1954/55)

  1. god

    beuatiful. your soul in Tolkien.

  2. Baby, come back! Your list is the best blog posting I have ever seen and helps me get through the week. Where’d you go, please come back.
    I’ve seen conflicting publication dates for your new novel and haven’t seen an ebook version but I’m watching closely, feel free to whore it out, people come here because they like your work and want to hear about it!

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