13. The Silver Chair, CS Lewis (1953)

I’ve probably read this more than any other book on the list, and I guess I’ve read the entire Narnia series every couple of years since I was nine. I love them all unreservedly, but for various reasons The Silver Chair was always my favourite. I think it’s the subterranean-ness of it that appeals – the idea of a strange dark world that runs in parallel to the one we live in, but which might break out at any time. I loved the evil Lady of the Green Kirtle, and even when I was very young I was excited by the character of Prince Rilian, the sexy blond captive who gets tied to the chair every night and starts raving. That scene, complete with the witch turning into a serpent and so on, remains one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever read. I’m also very keen on Puddleglum the Marshwiggle, and sometimes I’d like to run away and join him in his little teepee.

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