New James Lear novel just out.



My new James Lear novel, the seventh so far, is just out in the US and will be coming out in the UK in August. It’s called The Hardest Thing, and it’s my take on the super-butch Lee Child/Jack Reacher thriller. It’s set in New York and New England, and it features a lot of ass-kicking as well as the more usual things that happen to that part of the male anatomy in Lear books. It’s getting some fantastic reactions on Amazon, Goodreads etc so I hope it does well. And I hope the man who inspired the sexy hero, Dan Stagg, doesn’t realise that I’ve made him do all these filthy things in a book.



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2 responses to “New James Lear novel just out.

  1. Dylan

    Rupert th hardest thing filthy and fab just finished reading it kindle why does the bloke on the cover have a full head of hair ? Dan Stag is as.bald as a coot a new Mitch Mitchell pretty please ?

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Re the cover: well, yes, fair comment. But it’s a great cover, and if it helps a few more people to find their way to the book then that’s okay by me. Re Mitch: never say never. I had to give him a rest because I felt I’d reached the end of the Mitch/Morgan story but he may return, older but probably no wiser, to probe some more tight spots.

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