James Lear blog tour

‘A blog tour’, they said. A new concept to me, but then again I still think microwave ovens are a novelty. So – I’m packing my virtual bags and over the next few weeks to promote my new James Lear novel The Hardest Thing.  I’ll be doing one-night stands in venues across the internet. I shall endeavour to be entertaining or at the very least to give you free books. Here’s the itinerary if you want to stalk me.

Friday July 19 – http://www.mahubooks.blogspot.com/

Monday July 22 – http://www.longandshortreviews.com

Wednesday July 24 – http://quixoticorchid.wordpress.com/

Sunday August 4 – http://nikkamichaels.wordpress.com/

Wednesday August 14 – caribbeanaccentbookreviews.com

Monday August 19 – thekissmequicks.com

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