Top 30 horror films no 27. Blade (1998)

Movies based on comics aren’t usually much cop, nor for that matter are movies starring Wesley Snipes, but this is an exception to both rules. Blade is that rare thing, a really original vampire story that manages to respect the basic rules of the genre while adding something new and compelling to the narrative. In this case it’s the notion of the ‘daywalker’, the vampire-human hybrid who can tolerate sunlight and control his bloodlust through painful injections. Blade chooses to draw attention to himself by swishing around in bias-cut leather coats, but that’s his business. blade-wallpaper-desktop-vampire-killer-wesley-snipesFor all his physical charms, Snipes is a strangely sexless lead man – but fortunately Stephen Dorff makes up for any shortfall as the very naughty vampire Deacon Frost. I like all the stuff featuring the vampire elders, who basically look like senior designers from European fashion houses, and I particularly like the sensitive exploration of mother-son incest at the heart of the plot. The opening scene in a vampire disco is great fun: I think I went to that place myself a few times in the 80s.


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