26. The Devil Rides Out (1968)

I’m well aware that British films are badly under-represented on this list, largely because by the time I was enthusiastically seeking out horror in the cinema, the British film industry was all but dead. Most of the homegrown stuff on this list I’ve seen on TV or video, which might actually be the best vehicle for it. The Devil Rides Out is the perfect example of low-budget, high-concept horror that we do so well – and I don’t mean subtle, psychological crap, I mean full-on devil-worshipping melodrama with clunky effects and ham acting. THE DEVIL RIDES OUT DEVILS BRIDE BLACKBOXCLUB 65That’s what I require from British horror, and DRO delivers on all counts. There’s a posh house, a lot of louche Satanists led by the fantastic Charles Grey, and a wonderful central sequence in which the goodies have to live through a night under attack from the forces of darkness. I always think of wobbly sets, dry ice and bad stage make-up when I think of DRO, which may be doing it a great disservice, but there’s more than a hint of rep theatre about the whole thing, which is a plus in my book.


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