24. Tremors (1990)

Any film in which a small community is terrorised by monsters appeals to me. For instance, I love The Mist, a film based on a Stephen King story in which Thomas Jane and co hide in a supermarket while being attacked by things with big tentacles. I love 50s classic Them!, about giant ants being horrid to little girls. But for a really good basic monster movie, you can’t beat Tremors, in which Kevin Bacon plays a gormless handyman in a crap Nevada town where people start disappearing. The fatalities are occasionally quite scary: at one point an entire car (including passengers) is pulled underground, lights blazing and horn impotently honking. tremors1The monsters are very well revealed: nasty dirty tentacle-tongues at first, but gradually showing more and more until we realise that they are in fact bloody enormous subterranean freaks who bomb around the sandy desert in search of human prey. Of course the real point of these movies (apart from seeing big rubber things) is to watch communities falling to pieces under pressure, and that’s the bit that Tremors pulls off most successfully, with humour to boot.


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