15. An American Werewolf in London (1981)

There had to be at least one werewolf movie on this list, but I struggled to think of one that I really love. Company of Wolves? Pretentious toss with great special effects. Underworld? Vampires vs werewolves but without any proper horror. The list goes on, then I remembered An American Werewolf in London which, for all the comedy/spoof elements, is really frightening, sexy, fascinating and all the other things I require. The first act, set on the Yorkshire moors and the fantastic pub The Slaughtered Lamb, has coloured my impressions of the north of England ever since, and whenever I walk into an unfriendly pub I think of it. David’s descent into lycanthropy is handled with enough bravado to make it fun, but it’s also touching and tragic. Then of course there’s Jenny Agutter: any film that gives work to Miss Agutter is all right by me, but if she’s dressed as a nurse and getting her kit off that’s even better. large_american_werewolf_london_blu-ray_6I went to see An American Werewolf in London at a cinema on Tottenham Court Road, and after I said goodnight to my date I descended into the tube station – where, of course, the best scene in the movie was filmed. That long, curved passageway, the aerial shot of the escalator, the ripped flesh and gushing blood… Even now, in the sanitised subways, I can summon up a little frisson of fear. Great soundtrack too.


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