5. The Faculty (1998)

American high school setting: check. Hot cast members: check (especially Shawn Hatosy as the troubled jock). Uptight women turning into ravening sex beasts: check. Possession by squiggly aliens: triple check. The Faculty is right up near the top of this list because it takes hold of a well-established genre and not only does it properly, but somehow manages to make it seem fresh and original. One of the things I like about this movie is that it wastes absolutely no time: the possessions start right at the beginning and the tension keeps getting ramped up until the very end. The teachers are fantastically sinister, and you can basically relive all your teenage fantasies about how ‘they’ are out to get you, because in this case they are. Shower-Scene-Casey-Shawn-Hatosy-The-Faculty-Woman-hair-head-structureThere’s a great innoculation scene in which the students get infected with alien parasites, and a very clever mixing of realistic high school bullying-and-bitching with far-fetched outer-space hokum. The group of misfit teens (including Frodo) who tackle the monster are very appealing, and half the fun lies in guessing which of them is really the baddie. The denouement is fittingly set in the school gymnasium, scene of many a childhood trauma, and it leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.


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