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The Interlude will finally be published in September 2014

After more twists and turns than I would ever dare put into a novel, The Interlude is finally going to be published by Turnaround in September 2014. It’s a book I’m very proud of, a big multi-generation story of hidden love, secrecy and ambition. It’s in the same vein as Man’s World, ie literary fiction with a big gay love story at the heart of it, and I hope it’ll have the same kind of success.

I’m not one to bear grudges, but The Interlude was very nearly the one that got away thanks to some spectacular shenanigans by people in the industry who, shall we say, promised more than they could deliver. However I’m confident it has now found a good home and I really hope people enjoy it. We’ve got a gorgeous cover coming together, featuring a photo by Dom Agius, which I’ll preview as soon as I can.

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