30 sad songs for September

cover300dpiAs part of the run-up to publication of my new novel INTERLUDE on 25 September, I’ve decided to blog about some of my favourite sad songs. Interlude isn’t particularly ‘about’ music, but it does attempt to evoke some of the feelings that a really good sad song evokes in me. I don’t mean misery or depression: I mean the exhilaration that comes from a profound emotion well and thoroughly expressed. Interlude is about unrequited love, longing, jealousy and loss, which also inspire most of the songs I’ll be writing about. I hasten to add that it’s not just a book about sadness: there’s lots of laughs and plenty of sex as well. But I’ve gone on about those things quite enough in the past.

So, usual rules: only one song per artist (otherwise it would just end up being ‘the Nina Simone Songbook’), and only very roughly in order. I’ve stuck to the popular canon as well; maybe one day I’ll do my favourite arias. I’ll be starting tomorrow, and counting down a Top 30 (reserving the right to add more if I suddenly remember something). Hope you enjoy it!


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