28. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? – Fairport Convention

UnhalfbrickingFairport Convention were one of those ‘hippy bands’ that were always around in the background of my youth, the sort of thing that long-haired older cousins listened to. I didn’t really start listening to them till ten years ago or so, when my husband bought a couple of CDs in Fopp, and we were instantly addicted. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? is their most famous song, widely covered, and rightly so. It’s a lovely melody, and Sandy Denny’s voice was never better, but what gets it on to this list is the sentiment in the lyrics about passing time and fading friendships. I don’t think this would have meant much to me in my 20s or even 30s but boy, once you get to my age it really hits home. Some things get better with time, obviously: love in particular, if you can make it last. But everything else falls away and, as one of my dear friends said recently, ‘turns to shit’. This is a theme we’ll be revisiting later in the list.


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