30 Sad Songs no 26. I Want You – Elvis Costello

BloodandchoI’m not much of an Elvis Costello fan: even when I saw him on the famous Stiff tour in the 70s I thought he was too much of a clever dick. Most of his songs leave me cold, but this one, from the Blood and Chocolate album, could be by a completely different artist. It’s a slow burner, about an ex-lover who still lusts after the woman who’s gone off with another man, and it perfectly expresses that toxic mix of desire and contempt that comes with betrayal. It’s a very masochistic little number too, perfect for wallowing in self-pity (‘It’s the thought of him undressing you and you undressing’ etc). I spent too many nights listening to this after splitting up with someone, swilling whisky and feeling extremely sorry for myself, so I’m not sure if I can really listen to it now without feeling nauseous, but it’s a great song nonetheless. Should come with a health warning though.




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