30 Sad Songs no 24. You’re the One – Kate Bush

Kate+Bush+-+The+Red+Shoes+-+LP+RECORD-336617In a desperate bid for relevance and topicality I had to put some Kate Bush in here. I’ve never thought of her as a particularly emotional artist – I love her, obviously, but a lot of her stuff evokes moods rather than feelings. This is one of the exceptions: the final track on The Red Shoes, possibly my favourite KB album and somewhat overlooked, I sometimes think. She sings very directly about the aftermath of a failed relationship: moving her stuff out, having sex with ‘very good looking’ replacements, making a fresh start and so on. There’s just one problem: you’re the only one I want. It starts quietly enough, but by the end she’s wailing and shrieking like a woman on her fourth large gin. The fact that Gary Brooker plays his Hammond organ throughout, and Jeff Beck does the big guitar parts, was always going to make this a winner for listeners of my vintage, but it’s all about Kate’s big emotional meltdown which I find far more interesting than misty wiffly stuff about women drowning or whatever.



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2 responses to “30 Sad Songs no 24. You’re the One – Kate Bush

  1. Rich

    The Red Shoes’ is also my favourite Kate Bush album. It’s the one album of hers that was a big comfort for me to listen to at an extremely unhappy time of my life. The whole thing, the vocals, the feelings that seemed to lie underneath the lyrics, the sense that this was not perhaps Kate Bush at her best but doing her best – really reflected how I felt at that time.

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