Sad songs no 15. If You’re Lookin’ for a Way Out – Odyssey

My husband just reminded me that I have to put this one on the list, because somehow I’d overlooked it. Odyssey are one of my all-time favourite groups. Nowadays they get lumped in with the cheesy disco-nostalgia industry alongside the likes of Boney M, but in their day they made some of the greatest songs of the 70s and 80s. Plenty of dance classics of course, but I really love the sad stuff like Inside Out and, above all, If You’re Lookin’ for a Way Out. Lead singer Lillian Lopez (or ‘LiOdysseylink-Lo’ as I like to call her) delivers the abject lyrics with as much dignity as can be mustered, and if it weren’t for the gorgeous melody and arrangements this would be gruelling stuff. The relationship’s over, the beloved is ready to leave, she’s desperate to hold on to him but she’s got just enough self-respect not to cause a scene. I’d like to say ‘been there, done that’ but I’m much more likely to be throwing myself in front of cars, clinging on to legs, swigging from a bottle of scotch and screaming ‘No! No!’.


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