30 Sad Songs no 14. Je suis malade – Dalida

___www_maghrebspace_net__21032014175731_402DalidaWe’re getting into the second half now, so it’s time to unleash Dalida. If you don’t know her, you’re in for a massive treat. Dalida was the biggest singing superstar in France from the 50s until her death in the 80s, embracing cheery pop, ballads, folk songs, disco and loads of really tragic torch songs along the way. I love her every incarnation, she had a fantastic, versatile voice and she could switch performance mode from sexy/fun to stark misery in a toss of her blonde mane. There are so many great sad songs to choose from, but this is the one I keep coming back to. Our heroine lists her symptoms – je ne reve plus, je ne fume plus, je suis sale, je suis laide etc – adding up to the most complete expression of physical, mental and emotional anguish I’ve ever heard. ‘I’m ill’ doesn’t begin to cover it. It soon becomes clear what ails her: love gone wrong. This love is killing me, she sings, and if it goes on I’m going to die alone. Which of course is exactly what happened to poor, suicidal Dalida, making her the stuff of legend.


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