Sad Songs no 10. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me) – Millie Jackson

jackso_mill_stillcaug_101bMillie Jackson has one of the great soul voices, a fact which got rather overlooked in favour of her obscene between-song raps. She didn’t do herself any favours by making albums like Back to the Shit!, featuring a photo her on the toilet. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me) is the last track on her best album, Still Caught Up, and it’s yet another of the great break-up songs on this list. ‘The way we used to be is just a bittersweet memory’ sings Millie, regretting a relationship that’s gone horribly off the rails. Caught Up and Still Caught Up are soul concept albums that actually work, all about lying and cheating and regrets, so this final scene has a particular power if you’ve followed the story all the way through. The seriousness of the song is almost ruined by the rather jokey ending, when Jackson loses her mind completely, starts babbling and is put in a straitjacket by a sinister doctor, but if you can stop yourself from laughing it’s a suitably melodramatic finale.

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