Sad Songs no 9. It’ll Never Happen Again – Tim Hardin

timhardinThe entire Tim Hardin catalogue could have been on this list – yes, another of those artists. He wrote Misty Roses, How Can We Hang On To A Dream, Reason To Believe etc, but this is my favourite. It’s a gently swinging little number about regret and renunciation with occasional outbursts of impotent anger. ‘Why can’t you be the way I want you to be? Why can’t you see that you’ve got to change and love me?’. We’ve all said that, somewhere around the bottom of the third glass. I really like Hardin’s voice, which is so gentle he sometimes sounds as if he’s about to nod out, which could be true given his lethal drug habit. But he’s a great antidote to those faux-folkies who try to do it all through mimicry and technique.

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