A quick at-a-glance list of my works to date (excluding all the TV tie-ins and so on).

As Rupert Smith:

Man Enough to be a Woman (with Jayne County) (Serpent’s Tail 1996)

Physique: the Life of John S Barrington (Serpent’s Tail 1997)

I Must Confess (Hamish Hamilton 1998, Cleis Press currently)

Fly on the Wall (Gay Men’s Press 2002)

Service Wash (Serpent’s Tail 2006)

Man’s World (Arcadia 2010)

Grim (CB Creative 2013)

Interlude (Turnaround 2014)

As James Lear:

The Low Road (Zipper Books 2001, Cleis Press 2009)

The Palace of Varieties (Zipper Books 2003, Cleis Press 2008)

The Back Passage (Cleis Press 2006)

Hot Valley (Cleis Press 2007)

The Secret Tunnel (Cleis Press 2008)

A Sticky End (Cleis Press 20010)

The Hardest Thing (Cleis Press 2013)

Straight Up (Cleis Press 2015)

The Sun Goes Down (Cleis Press 2016)

As Rupert James:

Silk (Ebury 2010, Cleis Press 2011)

Step Sisters (Ebury 2010, Cleis Press 2012)