cover300dpiINTERLUDE is the story of a young woman, Helen, who decides to investigate the life and career of her famous grandfather Edward Barton, a successful post-war novelist who suddenly stopped writing in middle age. What were the secrets behind the fiction – and what are the implications for Helen and her family? The narrative switches between Helen’s life and Edward’s fiction and diaries, as long-buried lies come to the surface and long-held certainties start unravelling.

A very nice review on We Love This Book says:

Interlude is a beautifully written page-turner. Witty, arch and acerbic by turns, it is a joy to read. The story of flawed but appealing characters choosing to ignore or confront family tragedy and the twists and turns as Helen explores her family’s past are both fascinating and appalling.

You can buy Interlude on Amazon UK and Amazon US and all bookshops and platforms, print and digital.

One response to “Interlude

  1. Paul

    I’ve just finished chapter 10 of Interlude at what seems to be a critical point.. But I’m delaying starting chapter 11 because, quite simply, I don’t want this book to end. This really is the best book I’ve read for ages. And the first I’ve read by Rupert Smith. On the other hand, maybe I do want Interlude to end. Then I can start reading another Rupert Smith. But which to choose?

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