Man’s World

Man’s World (Arcadia Books 2010) is a story of gay life now, and gay life 50 years ago. In London today, Robert navigates a world of sex and drugs and designer clothes; coming out of National Service in the late 50s, Michael enters a secret gay underworld in his quest for love. Past and present collide when Robert moves into a new flat and finds history alive and kicking on his doorstep. Man’s World won me the Stonewall Award for Writer of the Year 2010, and was shortlisted for the inaugural Green Carnation Prize.

You can buy Man’s World on Amazon UK or Amazon US. It’s been translated into German as Mannerspiele and is available on

  • ‘A funny, poignant and ultimately life-affirming novel about the fractures and continuities in gay male life.’ Sarah Waters (chair of Stonewall judges)
  • ‘Funny, dirty, deeply romantic, Man’s World is a wonderfully evocative novel that hurtles between now and our recent history in a wild and emotional waltzer ride.’ Jake Arnott
  • ‘A sensational book – funny, smart and compelling.’ Attitude
  • ‘I loved this novel.’ Philip Hensher

17 responses to “Man’s World

  1. No Kindle edition… sniff… 😦 But I live in hope.
    And that should be “Männerspiele”. (On a Mac, hold down the “alt” key, press “u”, let go, and then hit “a” to produce the “ä”).

    • That’s weird – there IS a kindle edition of Man’s World but for some reason it’s not showing up on Amazon. The publisher has been having some problems so it may be related to that – I’ll look into it!

  2. Great, thanks 🙂 I live in Spain, and the Kindle is just fab for getting hold of books in English.

  3. Mitchell Butler

    Fantastic book, just started reading it yesterday and im completely hooked. At this stage im favoring the Medway/Wright storyline, the typical straight guy dipping his toes into the devils water, always great. Still yet too finish it, so wont so anymore except amazing story, thank you 🙂

  4. Jack Riccardi

    Rupert, this book is made for a sequel. Any plans to work on it? Are you suceptable to begging from a fan?

    • No plans for a sequel to Man’s World – although I like the begging, obviously! But I do have a new book coming out fairly soon (I hope) called The Interlude, which is a similar sort of thing, and hopefully will give you what you’re looking for. Thanks for getting in touch! Rupert x

  5. The title of the book caught my attention. Considering the sexual orientation of all the characters of substance in the book, I would normally have ignored the book. Smith’s writing style must be applauded for on reading the first few line I needed to read more. Brilliant story-telling. Though the characters were homosexual, what Smith managed to do was express the emotions that run through the hearts of men whatever their orientation. His story serves to challenge stereotypes while offering a range of characters that are human.
    The book was not overly sexual which made it easier to read especially since a book on homosexuality was not something I would generally read.
    A brilliant book.

    • Thank you Kaibat! Much appreciated. If you feel like posting a review on Amazon that would be even more appreciated!
      Glad you enjoyed it.

      • Hello Mr Smith. I tried, unfortunately I do not have an active Amazon account and thus am unable to submit a review. I have however indicated that i read your book on and rated it. you you consider joining goodreads if you are not already a member.

  6. Jonathan

    At your suggestion Mr Smith I tried this and so pleased I did – will now try another – quite hooked on Rupert Smith

  7. Is this book available as a download? I see you mentioned in an earlier post that it was, but can only find it on Amazon as a paperback.

  8. Hi Stephanie. I think it’s currently not available as download due to spectacular dicking-about by the publisher who went bust and tried to get away with not paying me my royalties. I hope one day to get the book properly republished (or maybe DIY). Best Ruert

  9. That’s a shame – sounds like a great book. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get it sorted out soon. Very pleased to hear that you’re working on another Mitch Mitchell book anyway.

  10. My dearest Mr Rupert of the Smiths – What a book. I am in the throes of editing stuff that should have been sent an aeon ago and picked this up yesterday and instantly loved it. It is that rare book for me, one I am rationing, the characters beautifully observed, the tandem narrative as unclunky as fuck, unlike that last observation, and there are moments that are truly as hilarious as observational. I lived in London in the early 90’s, working as a pub landlady in the heart of Holborn, and when the bars closed in the afternoons and on Sunday went to gay tea dances where the men were like birds of paradise and all the broads looked like Annie Lennox in dungarees. I had my eyes, if nothing else, opened. And spent many a happy hour in Boots on the corner of High Holborn applying chinablue eyeshadow to the lids of my NBF, an aging Welsh drag queen, so I loved Jonathon, And the line about Medway and Wright meeting again in Stephen’s flat blew me away. Thank you for this, and for what for me will be the beginning of many more. I bought it yesterday, I read the last chapter tonight. Signed Straight Spinster in egg stained cardigan. Gawd ‘elp us. *stands and applauds*

  11. Stevie

    Not only is this an amazing story, beautifully written I can give it to my friends and family explain to them how and why I lived in London in the naughties.

    Thank you!!

    This should be a mandatory text in school in my opinion.

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