Service Wash

ServiceWashCoverMy third novel (Serpent’s Tail 2006) was inspired by two things: firstly, a huge job that I did for EastEnders, celebrating their 20th anniversary with an exhaustive book, and secondly, ghosting/editing Michael Barrymore’s autobiography for BBC Books. (They dropped the project at the time of the Stuart Lubbock inquest.) Service Wash is a dark, comic thriller about a soap opera that goes badly wrong, and about a ghost writer who gets caught up in a saga of off-screen revenge and murder.

E-book and print version available. Amazon link is here.

What the critics said:

  • ‘A smashing book’ Paul O’Grady
  • ‘Pacey, funny and cheerfully vulgar.’ Kate Saunders, The Times
  • ‘Service Wash is a riotously enjoyable read … A fast-paced, quick-witted rollercoaster ride of a novel, utterly addictive. Quite simply, a novel for our times.’ Wayne Clews, Attitude
  • ‘Service Wash is a fabulous achievement.’ Jan Cooper, Gay Times
  • ‘The art of comic satire is alive and kicking in the hands of Rupert Smith in Service Wash … A genuinely funny read tinged with the worry that such people do exist and behave like that.’ Rodney Troubridge, The Bookseller

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