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E-books out at last

ref=sib_dp_kdI’m very pleased to announce that two of my novels which have been out of print for a long time have just appeared in digital editions, looking very spiffy thanks to the design talent of Daniel Coupe. Fly on the Wall is my 2002 story about what would happen if a TV company tried to make a reality show in my neighbourhood, Elephant and Castle – it’s a very black comedy with a cast of characters that makes I’m a Celeb look relatively sane. Service Wash came out in 2006, and it’s the story of a washed-up soap star trying to squeeze out the last few drops of fame with a tell-all autobiography – at the time of writing, I’d been working on a huge EastEnders project and ghosting Michael Barrymore’s book, so that gives you some idea of the territory. Both books and my other Rupert Smith e-books can be found here.

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